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Thu, May 24, 2018
Futon Frames
A beautiful living room with a number of futons.
Gold Bond is not only recognized as a leader in the manufacture of high-quality mattresses. It is also world renowned for making the finest futon mattresses--and for essentially creating the modern futon.

Traditionally a thin mat used as bedding in Japan, a futon was rolled up and put away each morning. Gold Bond President Bob Naboicheck and his father Butch saw potential in the futon not only for the bedroom but for the den, office, living room or guest room. They envisioned a piece of furniture--the futon sofa sleeper--that was more comfortable and less expensive than rollouts and traditional sofa sleepers.

So they took the thin Japanese futon and made it more plush and comfortable--more like a traditional bed mattress. This in turn helped inspire new futon frame styles and fashionable new futon covers and pillows.

Quality-made, durable futon sofa sleepers from Gold Bond are an excellent value. They are considerably less expensive than traditional convertible sofa bed and are available in a range of styles to suit any budget and decor. Discover this versatility and functionality in our selection of futon frames and mattresses.

Gold Bond is constantly developing new sleep products. Not all products are listed on our web site. Please contact us directly at anytime for new product information.

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